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3 Things To Look For in A Mortgage Lender:

mmkre-friday-9-16-16-canva1) HONESTY – It ranks number 1 on my list! You need to work with someone you can trust and who is going to help you make sound decisions.

2) KNOWLEDGE – A good lender is one that has the ability to translate information given to them by the client into the perfect product for the client. A good lender can do this by understanding when it is appropriate to suggest a Conventional Loan, an FHA Loan or a VA loan.

3) PERFORMANCE – Someone shopping around for a mortgage lender should be interested in things like the lender’s closure rate, what their customer service policies are, how quickly a lender responds to questions and how well they keep their customers informed.

As your realtor, I am always happy to answer questions or guide you when it comes to things like selecting a mortgage lender who is just right for you and your situation.

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16 Budget-Friendly Curb Appeal Ideas Anyone Can Do

Check out this amazing article I found about curb appeal!  This article, courtesy of The Lighter Side of Real Estate, provides at least 16 affordable projects and spruce ups anyone can do to make their home shine!

In this article you will see everything from foundation fix-ups to garbage can hide-aways.  The best news is, they are all BUDGET FRIENDLY!

“The curb of your yard, and what can be seen from it, is often overlooked by homeowners. If you want to sell your house, it doesn’t hurt to have some serious visual appeal that captures approval at a distance. We’re going to get you rolling with some great ideas to accomplish that mission, while not having to break the bank.” – The Lighter Side Of Real Estate

Photographs, artile and tips courtesy of The Lighter Side of Real Estate

1. Is your house rockin’ an ugly cement foundation? Remedy the eyesore with some faux stone paneling.

Here’s where you can find the paneling.

Via Faux Panels

2. Electric boxes, piping, and meters are all items that shouldn’t be standing out so starkly. Fix ‘em up with a color-matched paint job.

Need a guide? Check here.

Via Love of Family and Home

3. Has your front door ever made you feel like turning around and going the other way?

Instead of spending a lot more money to replace it, try a healthy coating of paint and some outer molding made of foam. It’s inexpensive by comparison, but just look at the amazing difference it can make. Don’t know how to tackle something like this? Here’s the DIY.

Via Jilly and Mia

4. It’s always pleasant to sit up against a big tree and read a book. It’s even better when you don’t have to worry about ants or grass stains.

Here’s a DIY for building an amazing tree bench.

Via This Old House

5. Air conditioning units are an eyesore, no matter how you slice it. Here’s an example of how to thoroughly transform the situation.

With a little lattice or some flowering, you can make that big mechanical box essentially disappear.

Via Spirals and Spatulas

6. Boring walls and windows are easy to spice up with some box planters and flowerbeds.

Via Window Box Contest

7. Not much respect is given to mailbox decor. Yet, it’s one of the first things people will likely see when they show up. Might as well make sure they take notice.

Here’s the DIY for this particular makeover. If you want to see some other amazing (and hilarious) mailbox ideas, check this article out.

Via Beneath My Heart

8. Sometimes even a short stone walkway can make a huge difference in visual appeal. This one was created by Naturescapes.

Via Naturescapes

9. You’d be surprised what a difference some simple shutters can make for enhancing your windows, visually. Choose the appropriately contrasting paint and enjoy the eye candy.

Via The Handmade Home

10. Concrete is so… gray. Here’s a trick. Use some floor stain and tape to give the appearance of tile. Now that’s slick! Learn more here.

Via Front Porch Ideas and More

11. Are guests having trouble finding your home by the address? Here’s a way to make it near impossible to miss.

Via DIY Show Off
Via Flickr | Julie Sheffer

12. Pergolas are great for giving you decor that can grow and be pruned to meet your specific needs.

Via Laurries

13. Garage doors don’t have to be “blah.” For less than $10, you can add a little something to give your garage some style.

Via Garr Den of Love

14. Amazon has some $23 solar powered spotlights that can give some serious illumination to your yard.

If you need something a little more creative, check out these lighting options.

Via Amazon

15. Hide the hose! No, that’s not a college drinking game. There are many ways you can have your water hose out of sight and out of mind.

Amazon has a number of catchy pots that can do the job for you.

Via Brookstone
Via Sunset

16. Seriously, can’t we do something about those nasty looking trashcans? Amazon and Plow & Health have some amazing storage sheds that would make Oscar the Grouch feel like he’s living in a condo.