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mmkre-friday-9-16-16-canva1) HONESTY – It ranks number 1 on my list! You need to work with someone you can trust and who is going to help you make sound decisions.

2) KNOWLEDGE – A good lender is one that has the ability to translate information given to them by the client into the perfect product for the client. A good lender can do this by understanding when it is appropriate to suggest a Conventional Loan, an FHA Loan or a VA loan.

3) PERFORMANCE – Someone shopping around for a mortgage lender should be interested in things like the lender’s closure rate, what their customer service policies are, how quickly a lender responds to questions and how well they keep their customers informed.

As your realtor, I am always happy to answer questions or guide you when it comes to things like selecting a mortgage lender who is just right for you and your situation.

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